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Step 4 — Campaign Creation

Next, let’s configure and create your first campaign.

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What is a campaign? A Campaign ties everything we've discussed today into one neat package that you then serve to your consumers. This includes your offers which have your billing models and products, your payment processors, shipping methods, fulfillment integrations, and ways you accept payment(s).

Today, we've just scratched the surface of what can do for your business and consumers. In this article, we'll cover the last step in going live. Creating your campaign!

The following article will cover;

  • Creating a Campaign: The step-by-step guide to deploying your very first campaign through

  • Placing a Test Order: Make sure the fruits of your labor have paid off! After you've created your first campaign test or otherwise, let's run a test transaction or two to make sure everything is working accordingly.

Creating a Campaign

Creating a campaign pulls all of your work so far into one neat package that will be served to your consumers. Let's take a deep dive and watch the following video. Here, we'll guide you through step-by-step what is needed, and best practices.

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Placing an Order

After you've created your very first campaign we recommend creating a test transaction. Not only does this help you better understand the consumer flow, but this will also reaffirm that everything you've built works as intended.

Let's take a quick deep dive and watch the video below; for the context of this article, only the first 5-minutes are relevant.

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