Step 3 — Email Notifications

Next, we’ll cover how to deploy transactional emails through using various templates and trigger events.

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The third step in going live with is to deploy your transactional email notifications. As a consumer in today’s market, you expect the typical email notifications such as your order and shipping confirmations.

The following article will cover;

  • Customizing Your Email Notifications: Out of the box provides you with over 25 templates to use. Though you can create entirely new templates from scratch through our email builder or entirely through HTML.

  • Integrating your SMTP Mail Server: In order to have notifications be sent through, you’ll need to integrate your SMTP (Single Mail Transfer Protocol) in other words, your email provider.

  • Deploying your Trigger Events: Your Trigger Event allows you to specify what SMTP you want to leverage with what notification. For example, you may want your order and shipping confirmations to come from your support email, whereas any refund notifications are sent from your finance email.

  • Attaching Notifications to Products: As we covered in Step 1 – Offer Creation, part of your initial implementation is creating your products. In order for the email notifications to work, you’ll need to attach the notifications to their respective products.

Now that you have some context, let's take a quick deep-dive into the video below. Here we'll give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to get your email notifications up and running.

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