Step 2 — Payment Processors and Shipping Configurations

Next, we’ll walk you through how to integrate your payment processors and create shipping profiles.

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The second step in going live with is integrating your Payment Processor(s). Thereafter we'll take a deep dive into creating your Shipping Profiles which includes the various ways a consumer can go about getting your product in their hands and at what cost(s).

The following article will cover;

  • Adding Payment Gateways: With over 150+ Payment Processors, we'll cover how to integrate your Payment Gateway with

  • Creating a Shipping Method: Whether you send your products through First-Class Mail or Overnight shipping, you'll need to first define these methods that we will then connect to your shipping profile.

  • Creating a Shipping Profile: Your Shipping Profile includes the shipping method as listed above, as well as information important to parse over to your fulfillment provider and the cost associated with the shipment.

Adding Payment Gateways

Adding your Payment Gateway can be done in just a few clicks utilizing our Integrations Page. Let's take a quick deep dive and watch the video below; for the context of this article only the first 2-minutes are relevant.

Additional Resources:

Configuring Shipping Options

After you've integrated your Payment Gateway, you'll then want to configure your shipping methods and the pricing model surrounding each profile. Without jumping ahead of ourselves, this will then give you just enough to deploy your very first test campaign to run tests.

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Additional Assistance Required:

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  • Live Demo: Want to do a quick deep dive over a meeting? Schedule a call with our Onboarding & Training Specialist by clicking here.

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