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Shipping Methods
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January 17, 2012
Updated March 1, 2020

Before setting up the actual shipping methods, you will need to create your shipping groups. You will need to go to Offers> Shipping, then click on “Add Shipping Group” as shown in the illustration below.

For shipping groups that you have already created, you can search for them by Id, Group Code, Group Name, or a list of Id’s by entering the search criteria in the search field. The system will automatically populate the results for you once the search criteria is entered.

In order to add a shipping group, just enter the name of your shipping group, your shipping group code, then click save. The Shipping Name and Shipping Group Code is what your fulfillment department, or fulfillment provider is going to see when they are preparing to ship your orders.

Once your shipping groups have been established, you can start adding the shipping methods that you will be working with. 

Working with a Third Party Fulfillment Provider

If you are working with a Fulfillment Provider, they will provide you with their own particular shipping codes.

Please keep in mind that it is extremely important that you submit into our system exactly the same shipping codes that they provide you. Each fulfillment provider has its own shipping codes, this way they differentiate among multiple shipping options within their facility.

If you do not set up the shipping codes according to the shipping codes that they have given you, later on when your orders get pushed to their facility, they will have no way to know what type of shipping they need to apply to your orders. In this case, your orders will be rejected.

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