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An introductory collection to help new merchants navigate the sticky.io help center

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sticky.io Subscriptions for BigCommerce Onboarding Guide

Using sticky.io Subscriptions for BigCommerce? Dive into our new and improved onboarding guide to get up and running in just a few clicks!

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sticky.io for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) Onboarding Guide

Step-by-step how-to articles and onboarding guidance for merchants using sticky.io Subscriptions for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

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sticky.io Platform (CRM) Onboarding Guide & Documentation

Welcome to sticky.io! Here, you'll find a collection of resources to help get you up and running with sticky.io's core platform

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Value-Added Services (VAS)

Here, you'll find information about how to configure the sticky.io Value-Added Services (VAS) and how to access VAS-specific analytics

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Here, you'll find documentation and integration guides related to our third-party integrations

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API Documentation

Here, you'll find our general API documentation and information about how to create and manage API users within your sticky.io platform instance

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Regulations - PSD2 / SCA, Visa & Mastercard

Here, you'll find information about important regulations and regional laws that might impact your business and guides to staying compliant with the latest regulations

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sticky.io Release Notes

Here, you'll find summary notes from our weekly core platform releases

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Need help? Here, you'll find information on how to contact the sticky.io Support team directly

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Product Highlights

Get up-to-speed on the newest features from sticky.io

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