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Overview of Gateway Providers
Overview of Gateway Providers
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November 02, 2010

UPDATED March 1, 2020 

Each gateway provider requires certain parameters to be submitted into our system in order to enable their API within the CRM. Most of these parameters will be provided to you by the Payment Gateway Provider except for the Alias. 

The Alias is for internal purposes only, and it is just a name that you assign to each gateway configuration in your system; it will help you to differentiate one gateway provider among multiple gateway providers that you may have configured within the CRM.

Some of the fields are REQUIRED and as such will be necessary before the CRM will allow you to SAVE the new Gateway Provider.The OPTIONAL Fields are mostly used for Internal Reporting and Analytics.The more data you enter regarding the fees etc. of your MIDS the more benefit you will receive from these reports.


The CREDENTIALS Tab will be different for each way.For explanation of these fields for the Gateway Provider you are looking to set up - please access the Help article for that Gateway.

This document will go through all the OPTIONAL fields that are available for all Gateways. 


 REQUIRED - Descriptor: The billing descriptor is what appears on a customer’s credit card statement. The descriptor should match what is used by your processor.

Merchant ID: Your Merchant Id for this MID. You will receive this from your processor.

REQUIRED - Customer Service Number: The customer service number that appears with the descriptor, and it should match what is used by your processor.

Customer Service Email:If populated this will override the email field on your SMTP profile for outgoing notifications.

Customer Service Email from: If populated this will override the Mail From Name Field on your SMTP profile for outgoing notifications.

MID GROUP: You will use this field to specify the MIDs that you would like to Group together as a backup for each other in the case of a communication issue etc. Groups are case sensitive.

Processor: Select your processor for this MID.

Vertical: Select the Vertical pertaining to this MID such as Diet, Skin Care, Men's Health etc.

URL - the URL for the Gateway 


Payment Type / Processing Rate:

The processing rate is the percentage charged on each transaction you want to process. It varies depending on the type of credit card and the type of transaction. The value in these fields will reflect on the Insights > Analytics > Profit & Loss report.


Percentages are represented as whole numbers such as 25, not as decimals such as .25.Anything after the decimal will be a fraction of a percent. .25 will be 0.25%, not 25%.

CVV: Indicate if CVV is required on this gateway or not.

REQUIRED - Global Monthly Cap: The total monthly revenue limit allowed for the gateway, and an amount is required in this field in order to create a payment routing profile.

Monthly Fee: Credit Card processors charge this fee on a monthly basis. It remains the same regardless of the number of transactions you process and helps cover the cost of your statement and any customer support you may require.

Batch Fee: A transaction fee is a fixed fee charged to process each individual transaction, whether the transaction is approved or declined.

Transaction Fee: The fee that is charged by your gateway for each transaction.

Chargeback Fee:  The fee that is charged by your processor for chargebacks. A chargeback ) Or retrieval) fee applies when a cardholder or issuing bank disputes a transaction.

Refund Processing Fee - The fee that is applied when a cardholder refunds a transaction.

Reserve Percent: The reserve percentage from the processor, if any. A portion of the credit card volume processed will be secured to cover for the potential business risk relating to chargebacks.

Reserve Term: A portion of the credit card volume processed will be secured to cover for the potential business risk relating to chargebacks. Rolling reserves are kept on hold for a declined period of time and will be released at the end of this period. Lifetime reserves are kept until the MID is closed and then will be released after a holding period.

Reserve Term Days:If you select Rolling In Reserve Term then you can specify the number of days that the reserve will be held before being returned to you.Typically 180 days or more.

Reserve Cap: The maximum amount that is held in reserves.


The fees and descriptors are what is charged or provided by your gateway/processor. We do not validate these fields in any way against what your gateway/processor has; it is strictly for your reference and reporting within the CRM.The fees and descriptors fields should match what is shown within the configuration of your gateway and/or processor.

You will need to assign the payment gateways at the campaign level; therefore, you will have the flexibility to work with multiple gateway providers, and assign different gateway providers to different campaigns based on your preference.

Among the many payment gateways in the CRM, you will notice the “Dry Run Testing Gateway”. This gateway is intended to be used for testing purposes only. For more information about this testing gateway, please go to Dry Run Testing Gateway.

If you need to submit a custom request to add a new Payment Gateway Provider to your account, please feel free to send your inquiry to and we will follow up with you.

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