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Step 1 — Offer Creation

In this first step of onboarding, we’ll cover the basics of creating an offer within

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The first step in going live with is setting up and configuring your offer. Configuring your offer from scratch will be the most resource-intensive process in your go live with

The following article will cover;

  • Categories: The highest level of organization for your product catalog. This is how you bucketize your products.

  • Products: Products are the heart of your business! You can configure your SKUs, variants, bundles, shipping dimensions, pricing, and email notifications here.

  • Billing Models: Billing models determine how often you will bill customers whether you have continuity cycles or straight sales, it will be configured through billing models.

  • Offers: Sell your products how you want, when you want. Through offers, you will pull everything together — combining trial components, products, and billing rules to create your ideal sales experience that will then be tied to your campaign.

Creating Categories & Products

Deploying your products will be the most resource-intensive step in going live with In the following video, we will guide you through creating and configuring your products. Thereafter, we'll connect these products to billing models that all wrap together into an offer.

Additional Resources:

Creating Billing Models & Offers

Now that we've created and configuring our products, the next leg of our journey is creating your billing models, whether that be straight sale or continuity. You will then configure your offer, as written above, this is where we'll tie everything together before it's connected to your campaign.

Additional Resources:

Here at we recommend creating a test product, billing model and offer. Long term this can be leveraged as new features and functionality is rolled out. Additionally, this can be beneficial to assist you with acclimating yourself with the platform.

Additional Assistance Required:

  • Chat Bubble: Click the chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen to speak with someone from our Customer Service team.

  • Live Demo: Want to do a quick deep dive over a meeting? Schedule a call with our Onboarding & Training Specialist by clicking here.

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