Offer Configurations
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November 10, 2010
March 1, 2020

Offer Configurations allow you to streamline the platform Place Order page and NewOrder API calls by creating predetermined product and billing model profiles to choose from.

Offer Configurations

Once you have created and saved your Standard Offer, the Offer Configurations tab will appear on the Offer Edit page.


Creating your Offer Configurations

To create a new Offer configuration select the Actions dropdown > Add

Name: The name of the Offer Configuration that will be displayed on the Place Order page dropdown.

What is the Main Product?: Select the main product of the order

  • If you want more than one main product in the offer configuration, you will need to utilize the Pre-built Bundle Product. For more information on creating a pre-built bundle product please reference the Create Bundles Help Center article. 

  • Custom-built Bundles cannot be used in offer configurations.

Override product price (optional): This can be used to override the Price (MSRP) of the main product.

 Default quantity?: This can be used to configure the product quantity, leaving the field blank will default the quantity to 1.

Will this have a trial?: Select Yes to add a trial, the trial will follow the configuration set up in the main offer.

  • If Yes, select the trial product.

What is the billing frequency?: Select the Billing Model to be used with this offer configuration

Is this an upsell offer?: Select Yes to create the offer configuration as an upsell. For more information on upsells click here 

What step is this in the offer flow?: Add the step number of the upsell offer configuration.


Campaign Configuration

Campaign configuration has not changed, you will still select the main offer  on the campaign.

Place an Order

To place an order in the platform with the offer configuration profile navigate to New Order > Select the Campaign > Select the Offer > Select the Configuration


  • The Trial (if configured), Billing Model, Product, Quantity and Step Number (if configured will be automatically populated and cannot be changed. 

To Add another offer configuration, click the Add link


Custom orders can only be created if the user has the ‘Build Custom Order’ permission selected. See explanation below.

Offer Configurations Permissions

A new ‘Build Custom Order’ permission has been added to the Offers section in Employee Permissions.  This will allow the user to place custom orders on the Place Order page and not have to select an offer configuration profile.


In addition, a new Offer Configurations section has been added to the Employee Permissions. Within the section you can enable or disable capabilities to Add, Edit and Delete Offer Configurations.


By default, only Administrator, Manager and Technical Departments will have Offer Configurations permissions enabled.


For API documentation on the Offers Array changes, please refer to the API documentation links below

 Legacy API: https://developer-legacy-prod.sticky.iohere.  Navigate to API > Orders


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