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January 14, 2020
Updated March 1, 2020

 The customer page will allow you to manage the following:

  • Address Book

  • Wallet

  • Subscriptions – Cancel, Activate

  • Orders – Update, track

The Customer Page has 4 main parts.  Each part will be described in detail in this article.

PART ONE - Customer Snap Shot Side Bar - on the left

This sidebar displays the following: 

  • Customer Name - Which can be edited from this page by clicking the ellipses to the right of the customer name

  • The Customers ID and Created Date - these are system generated non editable field

  • Shortcut for Add as a Member and Add Notes

  • Customer Contact Information - all of which is editable included - Shipping Address, Phone and email. 

  • The Address Book - This allows you to update and select a default address from any of the saved addresses for this customer.  Click add or edit to get this page to appear 

  • Wallet - This allows you to update and select as default any of the payment methods saved for this customer.

PART TWO - Subscriptions Tab

The subscriptions tab will display all subscriptions for this customer in 2 sections - Active and Inactive subscriptions.  

To make changes to a subscription - click the MANAGE button in the top right of the record you wish to edit. 

From the Manage Subscription Page you can process the following actions:

  • The next Recurring Date and Amount are prominently displayed.

  • Stop Subscription by clicking the big red button on the top right of their Active Subscriptions

  • Change the Billing Date

  • Change the Billing Frequency

  • Bill Now 

  • Add a subscription Discount

  •  Add a Discount

  • Change/Remove  the Product 

  • Add, Update and select a default Payment Method

  • Add, Update and Save Shipping Information

  • Additionally there is an easy to read subscription Timeline and Subscription Statistics: including Last Billing Event and Subscription Value

PART THREE - Transactions Tab

The Transactions Tab will show all of the transactions for the customer.  The Order ID, Order Date, Shipping Address, Amount, Products, Status and Shipping Status are displayed. 


Clicking on the Notes tab will display all of the notes for all of the orders, with the most recent being displayed first.



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