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The product swapping feature within the Subscriptions app for BigCommerce allows consumers to swap between products designated by their merchant. Merchants will be able to configure product groups that determine what products are available for consumers to swap between.

This article will walk you through how to set up product groups and how to enable product swapping within your consumer portal.

Without further ado, let's begin!

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Setting Up Product Groups

Before we enable product swapping within the consumer portal, we first need to set up a product group. Consumers subscribed to one product within this created group will be able to replace their current selection with any of the products that you designate within the group.

To create a product group, you will start in the home page of your BigCommerce admin and navigate to Apps > Subscriptions.

This will bring you to the Products tab of the app.

Open the Products tab dropdown menu and navigate to Product Groups.

Select Create Group to create a new product group.

Enter an easily recognized name into the Product Group Name field and click Save Group to preserve your input. For our example, we will create a product group titled "Candles".

Click the Enable Product Swap Group toggle to enable that specific group.

To add products to your group, start by clicking Add Products to Group (located on the upper right-hand side of the Products menu box). Next, search your desired products using the search field within the Product menu.

Once satisfied with your selections, click Update Group to enable product swapping for your chosen products.

Note: Products can only be added to a product group if they are enabled with a subscription billing model. Subscription-enabled products can only be included in a single product swap group.

Enabling Product Swapping Within Your Consumer Portal

In order to enable product swapping within the consumer portal, the following conditions must be met.

  • A product swap group needs to be configured for the desired products. See steps described above within the Setting Up Product Groups section.

  • The product swapping group needs to be enabled. Disabled product groups will not allow consumers to swap products. Ensure the below-pictured toggle is enabled.

To check if your product group is active, locate it within the Product Groups tab. The status must be Enabled. If it is not enabled, edit the product group

  • Product Swap must be enabled within the Member Settings menu of the Subscriptions application. This enables consumers to swap products, quantities, variants or modifiers.

To locate this toggle, begin on the home page of your BigCommerce Admin Portal and navigate over to Apps > My Apps > Subscriptions > Member Settings.

For more information about managing your member portal, reference this article.

Note: When product swapping is enabled in Member Settings and no product group exists, the consumers can only change the variants, modifiers and quantity of the product that they are already subscribed to and cannot change to a different product in the catalog. When product swapping is enabled in Member Settings and product groups exist, the consumer can swap between the different products within that group.

How to Swap Products Within a Subscription Order as a Consumer

To preview the consumer experience for swapping products within the consumer portal, please reference this article.

Congratulations! You are now an expert on setting up product swapping groups and enabling product swapping within the Subscriptions application

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