How to Use the Consumer Portal - Subscriptions for BigCommerce

The following article will walk consumers and merchants through the various ways that consumers can manage subscriptions within the portal.

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The consumer portal within the Subscriptions for BigCommerce app allows consumers to manage their subscriptions with ease. This article will walk you through how consumers are able to interact with the portal and how consumers will be able to access the portal.

Without further ado, let's begin!

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How to Access the Consumer Portal

Consumers can access the merchant portal through several paths:

  • By logging in through the merchant's storefront with their created account credentials

  • Via the "My Subscriptions" direct link from the checkout order summary page

  • Through direct links within transactional emails (as configured by the merchant through third-party email service providers)

How to Manage Customer Permissions Within the Consumer Portal

As a merchant, you have the ability to customize the permissions that are available to customers within the consumer portal. For more information, please reference this article.

Available Subscription Management Options

As a consumer, you will be able to view your subscription history and self-manage subscriptions through the consumer portal. Possible actions include:

  • Change delivery address

  • Skip next shipment

  • Cancel subscription

  • Next recurring date

  • Change subscription frequency

  • Pause subscription

  • Resume paused subscription

  • Bill now

  • Change payment method

  • Swap products, variants, modifiers or quantities

Merchants can toggle on or off the above permissions using the toggles contained in the Member Settings menu of the Subscriptions application. Any actions that are disabled by the merchant will require the consumer to contact the merchant to take the action on their behalf via the merchant portal on the backend. For more information on managing the actions allowed within the consumer portal, please reference this article.

How to Manage Subscriptions Through the Consumer Portal

Once logged in to the consumer portal, consumers will land on the "Your Orders" page of the consumer portal. Below is an example of what consumers might see once logged in.

To manage their subscriptions, consumers will navigate to the My Subscriptions tab of the portal.

Here, consumers will see a view of all of their active and canceled subscriptions. Below is an example of what consumers might see once they navigate to the My Subscriptions tab.

Consumers will then select a subscription that they would like to manage by clicking Order details. For this example, we will select the middle option pictured above, the Classic Soy Candle billed every 2 months.

From this view, consumers will see the status of their subscription (active or canceled), the billing and shipping addresses associated with the subscription, the next recurring date and details about the next upcoming order (product, quantity and total cost).

Opening the Actions menu will allow consumers to manage their subscription with the options that have been enabled by the merchant. In this scenario, we have enabled all of the possible actions for consumers. However, options that have not been enabled by the merchant will not be visible to the consumer.

Change product

Selecting Change Product will allow consumers to swap product variants or modifiers, adjust their subscription billing frequency or modify their order quantity.

In this case, the consumer would be able to modify their order quantity, select a new candle scent (product variant) and/or select a new subscription billing frequency.

In this case, the consumer can select a new scent by clicking into the Scent box (the currently selected option is Cedar and Sagebrush)

The consumer can alter the quantity that they will receive with each subscription order using the up and down arrows.

The consumer can alter their subscription frequency within the Subscription box. Currently, the user is enrolled in an "Every 2 Weeks" subscription model, but more options are available to them.

If product swapping is enabled, consumers will also be able to swap products within the created swap group. Consumers can carry out this action by selecting Swap Product and choosing the product that they would like to continue their subscription chain with. It is important to note that there is no limit on the number of times that consumers can take this action throughout the life of a subscription chain.

Once the consumer is satisfied with their selections, they will simply click Update Product to preserve their selections.

Bill Now

Selecting Bill Now will allow consumers to force an immediate rebill for their subscription.

In this case, the consumer could force an immediate rebill for their active Classic Soy Candle subscription. This example consumer would do so by checking the box next to the phrase "Are you sure you want to bill this subscription?" and then clicking Yes, I confirm. Consumers will be returned to the subscription details page with a confirmation modal to show that a new order has been created successfully.

Skip Next Shipment

Selecting Skip Next Shipment will allow consumers to skip their upcoming rebill, deferring payment and shipment until the following rebill in the subscription chain. For example, skipping an upcoming rebill scheduled for March 1st on a two-week subscription chain will bump the next rebill event to March 15th.

To skip the next shipment in their subscription, consumers will simply select Yes, I confirm.

This is helpful for consumers who may be away from home or consumers who still have sufficient stock of their chosen product. Instead of cancelling, consumers can leverage this feature to push the rebill date back to a time when they are more likely to be ready for a new shipment.

Change Billing Date

Selecting Change Billing Date will allow consumers to manually select their next upcoming rebill date.

From this view, consumers will see the current date highlighted in yellow with the upcoming rebill date highlighted in blue. We can select a new recurring date by clicking a date on the calendar. In this example, we will defer our next rebill until April 1st of this year.

Once satisfied with their selections, we will click Yes, I confirm to preserve our new rebill date.

Change Frequency

Selecting Change Frequency will allow consumers to modify their subscription frequency.

Available options will be limited to the subscription billing models that you as the merchant have enabled for the given product.

Consumers will use the on-screen options to select their desired frequency and then click Yes, I confirm to Save their selection.

Change Shipping Address

Selecting Change Shipping Address will allow consumers to change their delivery address for a given subscription.

Note: This selection is not specific to a single delivery and is preserved indefinitely until the consumer re-selects a different address.

Consumers will select their alternative address or add a new address using the on-screen options. Once satisfied with their selections, consumers will click Save.

Change Payment Info

Selecting Change Payment Info will allow consumers to swap between payment methods associated with their account.

Consumers can update their payment method by clicking Select in the appropriate field. Successful changes will automatically return the consumer to the subscription details view with a confirmation modal shown.

Note: Consumers cannot add a new payment method directly within the subscription management view. To add a new payment method, consumers will need to navigate to Your Account > Payment Methods > Add New Payment Method.

Once the consumer has added a new payment method, they will need to return to the My Subscriptions tab to associate this new payment method with their active subscription.

Pause Subscription

Selection Pause Subscription will allow consumers to place an indefinite hold on their subscription chain. This hold will remain in place until the consumer chooses to resume the subscription.

Consumers will pause their chosen subscription by checking the "Are you sure you want to pause this subscription?" box and then selecting Yes, I confirm.

After successfully pausing their subscription, consumers will be returned to the My Subscriptions view and the following message will be shown.

We can also see that the subscription chain for our example product, the Classic Soy Candle, is paused through this view.

Resume Subscription

To resume a paused subscription, consumers will navigate to the Order details of a paused subscription.

Consumers will then select Resume Subscription.

Once again, consumers will be asked to check a box to ensure that they want to resume their subscription. After checking the box, consumers will click Yes, I confirm to preserve their selection.

Successfully resuming the subscription chain will return consumers to the My Subscriptions panel and display the following confirmation message.

Note: Additional subscription management options will not be available while a subscription is paused. Consumers must resume their subscription in order to see the other enabled actions to manage their subscription.

Cancel Subscription

Selection Cancel Subscription will allow consumers to indefinitely end their subscription chain.

First, consumers will check a box confirming that they want to cancel their subscription.

Consumers will select Yes, I confirm to proceed with the cancelation of their subscription.

Successful cancelation will return consumers to the My Subscriptions view and display the following confirmation message.

Our subscription for the Classic Soy Candle will now show as Canceled.

Congratulations! You're now an expert on the Subscriptions consumer portal and all of the actions that you can take within.

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