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Now that we've created our Billing Frequencies, appended them to our products, and deployed our member portal we've started to hit it off with customers and they're signing up in droves. Let's understand how these subscriptions can be managed.

Without further ado, let's begin!

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Navigation to Subscription Management

To begin, from your storefront navigate over to Apps > My Apps > > Subscription Management.

Understanding Subscription Management

While the Member Portal enables your customers to take actions into their own hands, Subscription Management is a tool that empowers Customer Service teams to take direct actions into customer subscriptions.

  • Customer Filters: There is a myriad of search and filter functions to find your customers with ease.

    • On the right side; We can filter from 10 - 100 customers per page.

    • On the left side; We can leverage the search function as well as filter by Email, Order ID, and Last Name.

    • On the middle; And most importantly the view button located off to the right will load the customer's record on file and with it their transactions and subscriptions.

  • Subscription Details: Now that we've found our customer, from a high level let's review the details of the Subscription and subsequently next, actions that can be taken.

    • On the right side; We can filter between certain date ranges in the event you need to historically look back at previous subscriptions.

    • On the left side; We'll see unique attributes for this customer. Including their first and last name, unique ID, Email, & Phone Number.

    • On the middle; Arguably the most important part of this article! The subscription details. Here, we'll see the subscription details including the Status, Amount, Quantity, Billing Model, Subscription Depth, Address, & Manage.

Actions for Subscription Management

Subscription Management enables merchants to perform the following actions on a customer's subscription:

  • Pausing & Resuming Subscriptions: On the top right of a customer's subscription, you'll have the ability to either Pause or Resume said subscription. After performing either action, you will receive an overlay prompt informing you of the new status.

  • Force Billing: As the name denotes, you have the ability to force bill a customer's subscription. For example, this is commonly used by merchants in the consumables space and perfect if a customer wants to go ahead and get another product.

  • Changing Billing Frequencies: If your product catalog supports multiple Subscription Frequencies, you can interchange them at the request of a customer. Once updated, the customer will go through the remainder of their billing term and then convert to the new billing frequency.

    This can be a valuable retention tool for customers who may not use or can afford the product on a quicker cadence as opposed to extending it.

  • Changing Recurring Dates: As the name denotes, you have the ability to change the customer's next recurring date. Be it sooner or later you can specify the month and day.

    Similarly, this is another valuable retention tool for customers.

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