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Learn how to take actions on open chargeback cases and use the Chargebacks dashboard.

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Introduction to the Representments Dashboard

The Representments dashboard will allow you to review chargeback cases and their corresponding rule actions, statuses, and other relevant case information.

The following article will guide you through the process of accessing and reviewing this dashboard and how to take action on individual cases as needed.

Without further ado, let's begin!

About the Representments Dashboard

Viewing Incoming Cases

Once your enrollment in the Representments service has been complete (refer to setup article here), navigate to the Representments Dashboard.

Services > Representments

After taking these steps, you will land on the Representments Dashboard, pictured below.

All chargeback cases, inclusive of all statuses, will be visible from this view.

Here is a breakdown of the different columns of the Respresentment Dashboard:

  • Case ID - Each incoming representment case has a unique ID.

  • Order ID - Each incoming representment case is mapped to a corresponding order ID. If it is mapped to multiple order IDs, you will need to take the following actions.

  • Date Received - This is the date on which the representment case was created.

  • Ruleset Action - Based on the rulesets you have configured in the Service Setup and Management section, each case will be displayed with the action that has been taken.

    • Auto Accept

    • Auto Submit

    • Manual Review

  • Case Outcome - Based on the action that is taken, the case can have one of the following outcomes.

    • Pending - Case is still being fought and an outcome is pending.

    • Won - You have won the case.

    • Lost - You have lost the case and the funds will be returned to the customer.

  • Status - The status will be updated based on the progress of a case.

    • Accepted - The case has been accepted and funds will be returned to the customer.

    • Requires Manual Action - The case requires you to manually review and take appropriate actions on the Details page view.

    • Submitted - Evidence has either been automatically or manually submitted to fight the case.

    • Pending - This case is pending review.

    • Submission in Progress - The submission of your evidence to the processor is in-progress.

Search and Filter on the Dashboard

Individual cases can be located through the search function by Order ID.

Additionally, cases can be located via the drop-down filters for Ruleset Action, Case Outcome or Status.

Using the Representment Details Page

This page allows you to view and/or take action on each representment case. Simply click on the corresponding Case ID link and you can dive deeper into the case.

Automatically Handled Chargeback Cases

Cases Requiring No Action

If a chargeback case is automatically accepted based on your ruleset configuration or it is a second chargeback, no further action will be required from you.

If evidence is automatically submitted on your behalf based on your ruleset configuration, no further action will be required from you and you can monitor the case's progression in the "Case Activity Log" on the Details page view.

Taking Action on Chargeback Cases

If a case requires action, you will notice that it has the status "Requires Action" in red. Once you have located your desired case, you'll be brought to the Representment Details view of the selected case.

Note: You can view cases that don't require action, as well.

Manual Review Actions

If a case falls within the manual review ruleset conditions you have configured, you will need to take one of the following actions:

  • Accept: You can accept the chargeback.

    • If you choose to accept the chargeback, no further action will be required.

  • Submit: You can choose to fight the chargeback and we will submit evidence on your behalf. (You can view this evidence before submission.)

  • Submit with Additional Evidence: You can upload additional evidence in the upload section to support your case. This is not required.

    • Here are the file requirements for additional evidence files:

      • File size: 7 MB

      • Supported file type: .png, .gif, . jpg, .bmp, .doc, .pdf

      • Note: After submitting through the "Complete Action", button you will no longer be able to submit additional files.

Please see screenshots below demonstrating each action above.

Accepting the Chargeback

Submitting Additional Evidence to Fight the Chargeback

You can view any evidence you have submitted for a case in the case's corresponding Representment Case Details page.

There will be no further action required from you, and this case will go into a pending status, i.e. "Pending Review" or "Submission In-Progress". You can can continue to monitor the progress of this case through the Dashboard or Details page views. The "Case Activity Log" in the Details page view will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the progression of your case.

⚠️ If you do not take action on a case requiring action within 7 days, based on the expiry actions you have set, the case will either be automatically accepted as a chargeback or evidence will be automatically submitted on your behalf.

Manual Mapping Case to Order

An example of a representment case requiring action is depicted below.

  • This case requires action because this case has been mapped to multiple orders within our system. You will have to manually locate and map this case with the appropriate order. If this action is not taken, the service will not be able to proceed with actioning this representment per your configured rules.

The Webhook Service

The webhook service enables merchants to post information about chargeback-related events to third-party systems using the APIs. These webhooks are intended to be leveraged in relation to our chargeback services, including Ethoca Chargeback Alerts, Verifi CDRN, Verifi RDRs and Representments. For more information, please reference this article.

Congratulations! 🥳 You're now an expert on accessing and reviewing the Representments dashboard.

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