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PaySafe Processing Continuity Updates / MasterCard - Effective 4/22/20
PaySafe Processing Continuity Updates / MasterCard - Effective 4/22/20
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LINKS to ALL Regulatory Articles (Visa, MasterCard, European/PSD2 )can be found at the end of this article.

PaySafe announced an important update regarding recording consent. Effective 04/22/2020, these policies will be enforced. These new policies are more comprehensive and designed to protect consumers.

As of (04/22/2020), the following changes will be made:

• Manual consent can no longer be applied to orders within the platform or via API. This includes the Restful API also.

• Consumers MUST click the link within the Consent Notification email to grant consent to be rebilled.

• The IP address where consent was initiated will be shared with MasterCard.

• Call Centers will no longer to apply consent to orders over the phone.

• Previously recorded IP Addresses will NOT be shared with MC. Going forward after changes are implemented the IP addresses will be shared with MC.

Should you have any questions, contact your Client Success Manager

-This affects both NMI PaySafe Processing Continuity and also FluidPay PaySafe Continuity gateways.


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