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Release Notes 01/11/2024
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  • We are now integrated with Netevia payment gateway! For further information on how to configure this provider within sticky:

  • GooglePay has been added to our BlueSnap payment gateway integration, for further information:

  • Our Great Lakes Fulfillment integration has been updated to 'Jetmail / Great Lakes Fulfillment'. We also added an "Auto Ship On Rebills" option to the profile, you will need to set this to YES if you would like the auto ship indicator to be sent to Jetmail/Great Lakes Fulfillment. For further information:

  • The order details page has been updated to allow you to change the recurring date for add on products. This will allow you to change the recurring date for any add on products in the order.

  • A 'retry_attempt' parameter has been added to the API 'order_view' response to indicate which attempt the order is on if the order is in decline salvage.


  • In some cases, the 'product' section within the Contact record was not populating correctly. This has been fixed.

  • We were receiving "cURL error 56: Received HTTP code 407 from proxy after CONNECT" declines from the CardKnox payment gateway integration. This has been corrected.

  • Some contacts were missing information within the 'transactions' tab on the Contacts page. This has been resolved.

  • In few cases, new gateways were not able to be successfully added to the payment routing profile. This is now fixed, and gateways can be added as normal to the payment router.

  • When updating the permissions within the employee department templates, those new permissions were not reflecting on existing user accounts containing that department. This has been adjusted and the updated permissions are now applying as expected.

  • An option was added to our back end that will prevent postbacks from firing on pending orders. If you would like this option applied to your account please reach out to our Support Team for further assistance.

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