Release Notes 12/01/2023
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  • The BRL currency has been added to our Stripe gateway integration.

  • Several TPL tokens have been added for the Order and Shipping Confirmation email templates that will allow you to customize the information displayed for the product summary. When using these tokens, you can develop custom product summaries for usage within order or shipping confirmation emails. For further information, please visit our Help Center, this information is located under the 'How to Build Custom Product Summaries' section:


  • New Order requests were being rejected due to product variants that contained numeric values or special characters. This is no longer an issue.

  • $0.00 orders were being sent to Adyen gateway. This has been corrected.

  • In some cases, incorrect order totals were being sent to Adyen gateway. As of now the correct order totals will be sent.

  • Incorrect parameters were being sent to Adyen gateway for initial orders. We are now sending the correct parameters to Adyen for initial order requests.

  • When using Collection Offers, the 'lock' position was not saving when adding a product. This has been adjusted and the lock position is now saving correctly.

  • When attempting to add a promo code to an existing coupon profile using the API 'Update Coupon Profile' method, all of the current values were being replaced. This has been corrected.

  • In very few cases, when marking an order as 'fraud' using the Customers > Orders page, the order status was not updating to 'fraud'. This has been resolved.

  • Test Payment Methods were not bypassing the gateway and were being sent to BlueSnap. This is now working properly, and test cards will now bypass this gateway.

  • All orders were being sent to Avalara as 'USD' currency, even if the order was not USD currency. We are now sending the correct currency for the order.

  • The Product and Product Bundle import file did not have the option to include any email triggers. This has been adjusted and now includes the option to include trigger events for custom email notifications.

  • In some cases, the Intelligent Cascade profiles were showing 'N/A' under the 'number of gateways'. As of now these profiles should be showing the correct number of gateways assigned to the cascade profile.

  • When creating an order and using an invalid coupon, the “Validate” button was showing “Succesfully added coupon” even when the coupon had reached a usage limit (total or per customer). This is now working as expected.

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