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Feature Updates Subscriptions for BigCommerce — Q2 2023 Releases Subscriptions for BigCommerce — Q2 2023 Releases

Check out these key features launched on the Subscriptions for BigCommerce app for the second quarter of 2023

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Multi-storefront Certification

Reach new markets with multiple storefronts managed from a single account

The Subscriptions application for BigCommerce is now officially multi-storefront certified. Multi-storefront (MSF) allows merchants to use a single BigCommerce store or account to power multiple customer-facing storefronts. With this new certification, the Subscriptions app can be used across multiple storefronts from a single BigCommerce account.

For more information on BigCommerce's multi-storefront capabilities, visit the BigCommerce Help Center.

Omnisend Integration

Deploy auto-triggered subscription lifecycle email notifications through Omnisend

We have formed a new active integration with Omnisend, an ecommerce email marketing platform.'s partner integration with Omnisend allows merchants to configure transactional notifications, marketing emails, and custom email flows.

For more information on how to configure transactional notifications through Omnisend, please read this article from the help center.

Prepaid & Gift Subscriptions

Boost customer lifetime value and open up new subscription possibilities for buyers

Prepaid subscriptions has officially launched, giving merchants the ability to configure a new type of subscription model that bills customers up-front for a series of upcoming orders. Customers will also be able to purchase subscriptions on behalf of a gift recipient, giving your business even more possibilities for marketing your subscription programs for holidays, birthdays and more!

For more information, check out our Help Center article for the feature or contact your representative.

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