Step 2 — Adding Subscription Offers To Products
The following article will guide you through adding subscription offers to your products using Subscriptions for BigCommerce!
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Now that we've created your first billing model using Subscriptions for BigCommerce, the next step is appending your billing models to your products!

Similar to deploying billing models, appending them to products can be done in just a few clicks.

Without further ado, let's begin!

In a hurry? Watch our Onboarding & Training Specialist guide you through appending your Billing Frequencies to your products. As well as review alterations that can be made to how they're presented on your Product Display Page in just 4:34.

Navigation to Subscription Products

To begin, from your storefront navigate over to Apps > My Apps > > Subscription Products.

Here, merchants can get a direct view of all of their goods and services.

Appending Billing Frequencies to Products

It is important to note that appending billing frequencies to products can be done per product or in batches.

Appending Billing Frequencies Per Product

Once on the Subscription Products tab, navigate to the product that you would like to append a billing frequency to, then click Manage under the Actions column.

Appending Billing Frequencies In Batches

Once on the Subscription Products tab, navigate to Show All and change to Show Non-Recurring Products.

Then, under Create Subscription Frequencies > Checkbox to select your desired products > Manage Products.

Understanding the Manage Product User Interface

Now that we have our product or products selected and ready to append billing frequencies, let's take a moment to understand user interface elements.

  • One Time Purchase: Checking this box will make your selected product(s) available as a one-time purchase.

  • Subscription Type: A combination of your products and billing models. Today, the Subscriptions app for BigCommerce supports the Standard and Prepaid styles of offers.

    • Standard subscription types are recurring in nature and each billing event will correspond with a shipment or delivery of a product. An example standard offer is depicted below with a billing frequency of every 30 days with a savings of 5% over the standard product price.

    • Prepaid subscriptions have a single billing event associated with multiple upcoming orders. An example prepaid offer is depicted below with a monthly shipment frequency and three total shipments across the lifespan of the subscription.

    • Prepaid subscriptions can be configured as "auto-renew" or non-renewable. The above subscription is not configured as "auto-renew" and as such, will self-terminate at the end of the specified number of shipments. In this case, the user will receive 3 shipments, spaced monthly and then the subscription will terminate.

      • It is important to note that prepaid subscriptions are not currently compatible with Memberships.

  • Subscription Frequencies: The billing models or frequencies at which you intend to bill your consumers. If you missed it, we covered Subscription Frequencies in Step 1, click or tap here.

  • Display Type: How the subscription widget will display on the Product Display Page. Available options include Dropdown, Rectangle List or Radio Buttons.

  • Subscription Name: The label for the selectable group of subscription frequencies or offers on the Product Display Page. This will show above the Dropdown, Rectangle List or Radio Buttons by default.

  • Offer Name: Standard or prepaid offer names will be displayed on the Product Display Page as the selectable option for consumers. For example, configuring your standard offer name as "Monthly" with a billing frequency of "Every 30 days" would show to consumers as "Monthly" on the Product Display Page.

    Configuring Subscriptions On Selected Product(s)

    To configure subscriptions on a given product, enter a Subscription Name, select a Display Type and then specify your desired Subscription Type(s).

    Then, configure your subscription offers as desired using the on-screen fields.

    It is important to note: Products can support more than one subscription frequency. As such, we could, for example, offer a product as a Monthly Subscription or Annual Subscription.

    To add multiple standard offers to a given product, simply click Add Standard Offer and configure your details as desired.

    The above subscription offer has been configured as an annual subscription with a 10% applied discount.

    We can also offer standard and prepaid subscriptions for the same product. To do so, simply click Standard and Prepaid within the Subscription Type dropdown, ensuring both options are checked. Thereafter, configure your offer details, including offer name, shipment or billing frequency, discount and number of shipments.

Adjusting Product Price Per Billing Frequency

After selecting your Subscription Frequencies, a new table will appear below. This enables merchants to adjust price points respective to the billing frequency as an incentive to increase continuity conversions.

  • Add: Add a dollar or percentage amount to the product price. Increasing the product price of the base product for a straight sale option can be a huge incentive to customers to make the leap to one of your continuity models and in turn, likely saving some money in the long run.

  • Remove: Remove a dollar or percentage amount to the product price. In our example, we're removing $3.50 from the $15.00 product price equating to $11.50.

    This is often referred to as 'Subscribe & Save' among the industry and can be a huge incentive to driving continuity with your goods and services.

Once you're satisfied with your selections and configured subscriptions for a given product, click Save Changes. If successful, you'll be presented with: Product subscriptions saved successfully screen.

Congratulations, you're officially an expert on adding billing models to your products using Subscriptions for BigCommerce!

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