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As a subscription seller, one of the most important insights you can gather is information about why your customers are canceling their subscriptions.

With the cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can build custom order notes to capture this information and lead your organization down the right paths toward prevention and churn mitigation.

The following article will guide you through the process of configuring cancellation reason notes.

Without further ado, let's begin!

How to Configure Cancellation Reasons

To begin, we'll start by logging into our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager and selecting the site of interest.

Next, we will open up the Merchant Tools dropdown. Within the section, we will select Order Note Templates.

Here, you'll be able to find information about your configured order notes.

When enabled, the Require Cancellation Notes checkbox will enforce the submission of a cancellation note for subscriptions stopped via the consumer portal or at through the merchant order management view.

To create a new cancellation reason, open up the Actions dropdown and select Add.

From here, you'll be able to configure cancellation notes by adding the following information:

  • Name - This field will display to the cancelling consumer or service rep as the Note Type. Consumers and service reps will be able to select from all of your configured note types through a dropdown at time of cancellation.

  • Editable - This is a Yes/No toggle. Selecting Yes will allow consumers or service reps to manually input information into the content field of the note.

  • Content - The text found in this field can supplement the Note Type and can be edited or locked for editing.

Once satisfied with your selections, click Save.

Previewing Your Configured Cancellation Note

Open up the Merchant Tools dropdown and within the subsection, navigate to Subscription Order Management.

Locate an Order ID associated with a recurring product. Click into your desired Order ID.

Within the Features section, click the filled in square to Stop Subscription.

Note - The subscription will not be stopped until you confirm within the next modal. This view will give you a preview of your cancellation notes.

Within the Stop Subscription modal, the Note Type dropdown will contain all of the Names of your configured cancellation notes.

Within this context, information entered into the Name field at time of configuration will appear as the Note Type (or reason) and information entered into the Content field at configuration will appear as the Note. If you have configured your note to be editable, the consumer or customer service rep will be able to manually edit the contents of that field.

To return to the previous view without stopping the active subscription, simply click out of the window or hit Close.

Accessing Cancellation Analytics

To access reporting on your cancellation reasons, open up the Merchant Tools dropdown and within the subsection, navigate to Subscription Analytics.

From here, scroll down and locate the Cancellation subsection (it's the bottom-most section).

Here, you'll be able to sort by Note Type (Label), Note Content, and Count.

Congratulations! You're now an expert on configuring cancellation reasons with the cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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