Step 11 — Enabling Product Swapping and Building Product Swapping Groups

This article will guide you through the process of enabling product swapping using the cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Introduction to Product Swapping

Your subscriptions program has taken off and your customers are looking to branch out from their favorite products and explore new elements of your catalog.

Product swapping is a subscription management capability that allows your consumers to swap products within their active subscriptions. This capability gives your consumers an alternative to cancellation and helps keep more of their dollars with your business for longer periods of time. Long-term, this feature can also be a way to boost average order value (AOV) as your customers are gaining exposure to additional products within your range.

As a part of this feature, your consumers will be able to modify subscription quantities, swap between product variants and/or swap between products or SKUs based on your configurations.

What This Article Will Cover

The following article will guide you through the process of enabling product swapping at the product or site level. Thereafter, we will review the process of building product-swapping groups so you can build a curated experience for your subscribers.

Without further ado, let's begin!

How to Enable or Disable Product Swapping

Begin by logging into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager and selecting your site of interest.

Next, open the Merchant Tools dropdown and within the section, navigate to Preferences.

Here, you'll be able to see all of your site-specific configurations related to Scroll down to locate the Enable Product Swap configuration. Ensure the toggle is set to Yes. By default, the toggle will be set to No.

Once this step has been completed, consumers will be able to swap variants and quantities on all products across the storefront. Product swapping can be disabled on your storefront by returning this toggle value to No. Additionally, product swapping can now be disabled (or re-enabled) at the product level.

To disable product swapping on a specific product within your range, open the Merchant Tools dropdown and within the Products and Catalogs section, select Products.

From here, use the search function to locate your product of interest.

Select your product by clicking into its name.

Next, click Lock to edit the product. Locks will expire in one hour's time in the event that you forget to Unlock it after editing.

Scroll down and locate the Disable product swap dropdowns. We can now disable product swapping for this specific product by toggling the value displayed in the right-most dropdown to Yes.

Click Apply to preserve your selections.

How to Build Product Swapping Groups

To build product swapping groups, open the Merchant Tools dropdown and within the section, select Product Groups.

From this view, you will be able to view, edit and enable or disable all of your existing product groups.

To build a new product group, click Create New Product Group in the upper right-hand corner of this view.

From here, you will be able to select products to add to your product group by clicking the corresponding checkbox for each product.

In the below view, we have selected the Aloe and Rosewater Facial Mist for inclusion in our product group.

To locate products within this view, simply use the search function.

Additionally, you can use the Advanced Filters function to filter products by Campaign, Offer or Category.

Once satisfied, simply click Save Updates to preserve your product group selections.

Previewing the Consumer Experience - Product Swapping

After checkout, consumers will be able to manage their subscriptions by clicking through the Manage your subscription link on the Order Summary page.

Alternatively, the consumer can navigate to My Account to view and manage their subscriptions.

Once consumers reach the subscription management view for their selected subscription, they will be able to take the subscription management actions against that product that you, as the merchant, have enabled.

For this example product, the consumer can swap products by clicking Update Product.

The consumer can alter their subscription quantity using the on-screen dropdown.

Once consumers click down into Swap Product, they will see their currently selected product and other products that have been included in the product swapping group with the option to select new products using the on-screen options.

Consumers simply select their replacement product by clicking Swap Product.

Clicking Continue will bring the consumer forward to select their quantity and subscription offer for the product.

Once satisfied with their selection, consumers will click Save.

Consumers will be returned to the Subscriptions tab of the My Account view and will see a confirmation message as pictured below.

If the product is not included in a product swapping group AND does not have product swapping disabled at the product-level, the consumer will only be able to modify quantities or variants from the Update Product view without the option to swap products.

Congratulations! You're now an expert on building product swapping groups using the cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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