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Release Notes 07/14/2021
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  • The Zapier platform can be used to automate data (create zap) out of sticky and push it to other systems. You can also sync data from other platforms back into sticky with the need of custom development or integrations. For further information on Zapier please visit our Help Center:

Resolved Issues

  • When an order was in retry attempt via decline manager, we were not displaying the correct retry date on the Contacts page. This has been fixed.

  • An issue was reported regarding sending refund cancellation request to ShipStation incorrectly. This has been fixed.

  • There was an issue with the API 'New_Prospect' call where we weren't allowing special characters to be passed within the email address. This API call will now support these values within the email address:

    ! ? # $ % & ` * - / = ^ _ + . { | } ~# $ % & ` * - / =

  • An issue was reported regarding non shippable orders displaying 'not shippable' within the tracking number field. This has been corrected.

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