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UPDATED March 1, 2020

You don't have to wait around anymore for your favorite business apps to be integrated with You can now instantly connect your platform with 300+ third party apps. Zapier is an integration platform that helps you automate your workflows and increase productivity with ease.

Using Zapier with, you can automate workflows between your apps. For example, you may want to automate saving Gmail attachments to Dropbox. For more information on what Zapier can do for you click here

How it works

  Zapier lets you set up "Triggers" and "Actions" to help you automate operations based on your needs.


 Triggers are the events in an app that start the Zap. Once you set up a Zap, Zapier will monitor the app for that event.

For example, you can receive a lot of emails through your Gmail account, but the Zap is not triggered until an email contains an attachment.

Triggers supported by

Order Type: Approved order, Declined order, or both

Order Actions: Void, Hold, Alert, Refund, Reset Recurring, Representment, Cancel, and Chargeback


Actions are responses to Triggers. That is, it tells what the other application should do when an event occurs. In our example above, the action is saving the Gmail attachment to Dropbox.

Making a Zap

Additional assistance for Zapier can be found here -

To integrate with you will need to select Webhooks as your Trigger App.

Select catch hook

Log into Platform and Copy the Zapier hook into the Post Back url in the Platform .  

Make sure that Postback url is checked at the campaign level.

Select an Action app fill out the required information and you are all set!

Sticky now allows merchants to utilize the Zapier platform (create zap) to automate data out of sticky and push it to other systems and sync data from other platforms back into sticky with the need of custom development or integrations.

  • Sticky can sync data out for

    • create/update prospect

    • create/update order

  • Sticky will sync data in for

    • Mark order shipped (Tracking number updates)

    • Order Returned

    • Mark order as Fraud

    • Mark order as Chargeback

Here are the supported triggers and actions on Zapier:

Create a Zap example with a trigger upon order creation in

Provide API credentials to connect to

Choose an action that happens in another platform that is also integrated with zapier:

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