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Subscription Churn is the number of subscription products that have been placed on hold. Churn Rate is simply the percentage of lost subscriptions compared to total active subscriptions at the beginning of the date range.

  • The higher the churn, the more subscriptions lost.

  • Subscription Churn = Subscriptions Lost ÷ Subscriptions at Start Date

Analyze churn to understand the customers and subscriptions you are losing, so you can develop strategies to reduce churn rate. The purpose of this dashboard is to help you to identify trends (positive and negative) related to Churn ratio, and drill into how that churn is taking place.

You can leverage the filters to isolate specific marketing channels, campaigns and more to isolate various characteristics of your marketing mix.

Consider that reductions to Churn Rate can be achieved by making modifications to campaign and/or operational procedures (i.e. modifying customer service scripts on how cancellation calls are handled, altering fulfillment procedures to decrease time to home (how long it takes a package to get to the customer), modifying internal refund protocol to issue a larger percentage of partial refunds and save sales, examining decline manager to save additional declined subscriptions, etc).

Note that hold type indicates the system feature, user, or event that placed a subscription on hold. For example a customer cancellation placed on hold by a call center agent will be marked as a user hold.

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