Glossary of Measures
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Glossary of Measures

July 11, 2017 13:29
Updated 12/4/2019

Analytics has about 100 distinct measures to help better understand your business. Each of the measures used in Analytics is listed below in alphabetical order. You will see the formula used for the measure; the definition of the measure and each dashboard that the measure is located in.

Analytics is designed to support the need to gain critical business insights without exporting data and manipulating it. Quickly answer macro and micro questions such as:

  • Is a specific source of traffic bringing higher quality customers to the business than others?

  • How much money am I making by subscription cycle over time?

  • How does the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) of one traffic source compare to another?

  • Has Churn Rate from Initial to Recurring billing increased or decreased over time?

Through topic-centric dashboards and advanced filtering, Analytics is designed for presenting advanced Business Intelligence. Analytics will not leave questions about key measures unanswered. Address questions in one place with Analytics.

If you are interested in understanding more about industry terms, refer to the Glossary of Terms.


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