Fulfillment Reconciliation
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July 25, 2012


This report will provide you with a breakdown of the fulfillment data within the platform.

In order to view this report, go to Reports > Fulfillment Reconciliation. Please notice that you can click on the down arrow in the search bar to view advanced searching options. Advanced Searching allows you to search for fulfillment data by date range, provider Id, and provider name.  To provide you with more flexibility with your data, please notice that you will have the option to export the CSV file if you need to.

Potential Actions

Use the Fulfillment Reconciliation report to help with the following activities:

  • Identify orders that have and have not shipped so you can take the appropriate action.

Data Elements & Measures

The following data elements and measures are shown on the Fulfillment Reconciliation report. For comprehensive definitions of data elements and measures, please reference the Glossary of Measures.

Additional Resources

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