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April 8, 2020


Use this dashboard to understand growth trends in your subscription business and to access lists of active subscribers and subscription products.

Data Elements & Measures:

Active Subscribers: Unique customer email addresses associated with at least one active subscription product. Drill down to subscriber details.

Active Subscriptions: Total number of active subscription products (each recurring line item on an order is counted separately). Drill down to subscription details.

Subscription Growth: The growth rate in subscription products over time.

Active subscriptions by date: This chart shows the historical number of active subscriptions on any day in the past and will help illustrate growth trends over time. Adjust the range of this chart by changing the date filter. Drill down into individual days to see the subscriptions active as of that day.

Subscription Change by Week: The count of new subscriptions and subscriptions placed on hold each week. Drill down into subscription detail.

Upcoming Billing Events: This table aggregates subscriptions into distinct upcoming billing events, combining products that will be billed together into a single line.


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