March 01, 2019


With the high cost of acquiring new customers, we created a simple and immediate way for you to be quickly notified when critical events happen - such as metrics deviating from a target KPI. Benchmark Notifications enable you to set-up notifications that are triggered through the Benchmarks feature.

  • You will be able to add alerts to be notified if performance falls below or above target KPI's. i.e., If billing rate falls below 18%, send an email message.

How to Use Benchmark Notifications

  1. Go to Benchmarks located at Insights | Benchmarks.

  2. If you have benchmarks set-up, select "edit" on the benchmark that you want to create a push notification for.

Within the "Edit Benchmark Profile" page, click "Notify me when benchmarks are met.

  1. This will bring up the System Notifications page. You can enter the appropriate department roles (Administrator, Customer Service, Financial, Manager, Fulfillment and/or Technical) and delivery methods (i.e., system, email, text) that you desire.

  2. Click Save and the notifications will start.

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