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Doorway Page
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March 01, 2019


The Doorway Page for Reports and Analytics makes it easier for you to find the appropriate dashboards.

  • You can search for keywords, metrics or the name of the dashboard that you want to report on.

 How to Use the Doorway Page

  1. Go into Reports or Analytics under the Insights menu. You can find the dashboard you're looking for two ways. Search for the keywords, metrics or name of the dashboard that you want to view. i.e., If you want to find a dashboard that includes CLTV, enter CLTV into the search box.

  1. Find the dashboard on the page. You can peruse the dashboard descriptions on the doorway page and select the dashboard you want to view.

  2. NOTE: You can quickly jump from one dashboard type to another by selecting "Analytics," "Reports" or "All."

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