Attribution Analysis
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July 25, 2018


You generate traffic from a variety of sources (e.g., organic search, paid search, email, affiliates). Some channels (i.e., mobile, email), will not set critical referrer information. Google UTM parameters are an excellent way to make sure that you can fill that gap and attribute orders/revenue to the proper traffic sources.

The Attribution Analysis allows analyzing data based on the following four UTM parameters.

  1. Source

  2. Medium

  3. Campaign

  4. Device Category

To select the desired UTM parameter, open the filter (at the top of the page) and choose the dimension you're interested in from the "Dimension Select" drop-down menu.

Potential Actions

Use the Attribution Analysis to help with the following activities:

  • Determine to fund or defund a particular marketing program based on ROI.

  • Calculate payment to traffic partners for sending traffic to your property.

  • Optimize traffic sources by analyzing the effectiveness of each source, medium, campaign and device category.

Data Elements & Measures

The following data elements and measures/metrics are shown on the Attribution Analysis. For comprehensive definitions of data elements and measures, please reference the Glossary of Measures..

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