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Release Notes 07/10/2024
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  • In some cases test orders were being sent to Transaction Select, causing declines due to fraud. This has been corrected, and test orders will no longer be sent to Transaction Select.

  • When creating offline orders in the Legacy environment, the One Time Paired products were not automatically applying to the orders. This has been fixed.

  • For FlexPay orders, in some cases the wrong parent order Id was being attached to the order history notes. This has been adjusted, and the order history will now reflect the proper parent order Id.

  • Custom Fields were not able to be deleted from the product configuration. This has been corrected and now custom fields can be deleted from products if needed.

  • An issue was reported regarding BIN profiles not blocking BINs configured within the BIN profile. This has been revised and BINs should now be blocked as expected.

  • In very few cases, decline manager attempts were being sent to a FlexCharge gateway, instead of the original gateway on the order. This is now resolved.

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