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Release Notes 06/27/2024
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  • The following processors have been added to the Processor list within the gateway profiles: Axiom, BMO, Corvia, Esquire, Maverick, Missionvalley, Nuvei, PAYARC, Quantum, Signapay and Synovus.

  • When using the BRL currency, we are now sending 'fields_document_id' in our requests to Stripe.

  • When selecting the 'Stop on Next Rebill' option within the order details, you will now be prompted to select which subscription Id you would like to stop. This will allow you to stop the recurring on a specific subscription Id in the order, but still allow others to successfully rebill.

  • The Bill 1st gateway integration has been updated to support forced subscriptions. This will allow you to force existing subscriptions from another gateway into Bill 1st without issue.


  • Orders that were declined due to prepaid cards not being allowed were being sent to FlexCharge. This has been corrected, and declines due to prepaid cards will no longer be eligible to be sent to FlexCharge.

  • The Restful API v2 'Force Next Gateway by Order IDs' was forcing the order to the gateway several times. This has been fixed.

  • When cascading orders to multiple tokenized gateways, incorrect tokens were being sent, resulting in declines. This has been adjusted, and orders should now be able to cascade to multiple gateways as expected.

  • Orders that were approved via FlexCharge were not triggering the postback URL. This has been resolved, and the postback will now trigger for approved FlexCharge orders.

  • BrainTree orders that were cascaded and salvaged by NMI were not able to be updated. This has been fixed.

  • The 'next_subscription_product_price' within the API 'order_view' response was not considering coupons. This has been resolved.

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