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Check out these key features launched on the platform for the second quarter of 2024

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Add Product Variants to Existing Orders

Upgraded add-on functionality for existing orders

You can now add product variants to existing orders. Previously, you could only add products to existing orders.

For more information, reference this help center article.

Upgraded Exports of Coupons Data

Promo codes have been added to the export file

When exporting data from the Products -> Coupons page, the export file now contains promo codes.

New Gateways and Gateway Upgrades

We have upgraded several existing gateway integrations

We've upgraded the following integrations:

  • Revolv3 - Added 'Post Descriptor' option

  • Stripe - We now send customer and payment information to Stripe within our API requests

  • PayPal V1 - Added ZAR currency

  • Quantum Qoin - Added 3D Verify compatibility

For information about all of's active payment gateways, please reference this help center article.

New Parameters Added to API Responses

Our API responses just got more robust

  • New 'consent_required' and 'consent_received' parameters added to our 'order_view' API response

  • New 'additional_variant_id' parameter added to our 'subscription_order_update' API method

  • New 'campaignId' parameter added to the API 'prospect_update' method

  • Promo code added to the Restful v2 GET Coupon Profile response

  • IP Address Lookup added to the 'order_view' API response

  • New 'provider_response code' parameter has been added to the NewOrder API response for orders placed using the Quantum Qoin gateway

Additionally, a 'Time Zone' field has been added to the ShipHero fulfillment profiles, allowing you the change the time zone for orders sent to ShipHero.

Numerous fixes for platform behaviors

Our team has applied multiple fixes to ensure expected behaviors function smoothly

Our team has focused in on ensuring reliable performance of the Platform and in that pursuit, has implemented the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some clients were seeing 'unknown' listed as the 'hold type' for orders on hold.

  • Fixed an issue where blacklisting orders that were placed on the dry run testing gateway did not result in the orders being placed on automatic hold.

  • Fixed an issue where special characters within customer email addresses were showing incorrectly within the UI.

  • Fixed an issue where making changes to an existing postback profile and attempting to save resulted in an 'invalid request' error being shown.

  • Fixed an issue where any orders created in a pending state via the 'Capture on Shipment' method were not being sent to Avalara.

  • Fixed an issue where $0 orders were being sent to the Adyen gateway.

  • Fixed an issue where the {productname} token was not populated within cancellation email notifications for any orders that were canceled via the 'subscription _order_update' method.

  • Fixed an issue when creating orders or making changes via API, we were showing 'by'. The order history will now show the API username that created the order or made the update.

  • Fixed an issue where $0.01 refunds were being sent to Avalara when marking an order as RMA.

  • Fixed an issue where refunded orders on the Adyen gateway were being refunded properly, but also reflecting an order history note that the order was not able to be refunded.

  • Fixed an issue where some clients using the Bill 1st gateway were seeing "Error - Duplicate transaction data submitted for SubscriberID in the past 5 minutes" declines. To resolve this, we added the 'AllowDuplicateSignup="1"' parameter to the Bill 1st request to prevent this issue going ahead.

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect country codes were being sent for clients using the Bill 1st gateway.

  • Fixed an issue where product names with double quotations included resulted in product names not being saved correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where some clients using the Genesis payment gateway were receiving "IP address is not whitelisted" declines.

  • Fixed an issue where some incorrect parameters were being shared with the Genesis payment gateway.

  • Fixed an issue where orders placed on hold using the API 'Stop Recurring on Next Rebill' option were showing as 'unknown' within the API 'order_view' method.

  • Fixed an issue where orders in were showing as successful, but were, in fact, declined in

  • Fixed an issue where the legacy API 'subscription_update' method was showing response code 100 when resetting the upsell subscription, but the upsell isn't actually reset.

  • Fixed an issue where cascaded orders were being sent to Avalara for each cascade attempt.

  • Fixed an issue where the countries England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were not listed when placing an order in the UI via the place order page.

  • Fixed an issue where stopping the recurring on an upsell would result in the API 'order_view' showing an incorrect recurring date for the upsell product.

  • Fixed an issue where the 'billingSameAsShipping' parameter within the API 'NewOrder' call was not correctly applying the billing address for PayPal orders.

  • Fixed an issue where the shipping method was not being sent to ShipHero for fulfillment requests.

  • Fixed an issue where advanced routing configurations within the payment router were not saving correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where merchants were encountering an unexpected response code of 358 when attempting to update prospect email addresses using the API 'prospect_update' method. The proper response code of 343 will now be returned.

  • The Single Purchase Limit used to block manual recurring declines reprocess, this has been removed to make this page logic congruent with the automated recurring processes and it will continue to apply to initials.

  • A recent adjustment to the Subscription Management page only allowed actions up to 250 per page. This adjustment has been removed, and will allow more than 250 but we do not recommend to exceed more than 700 total.

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