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How to add a new product to an existing subscription
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November 10, 2010
March 1, 2020


  • To use this feature, the order must have been placed with a Billing Model

  • Only products associated with the Offer that the order was placed on will display in the ‘Product To Add’ drop down

  • You can only add a product to a subscription if the main product on the order is recurring

  • You cannot include a product that already exists on the order

  1. Locate the order for the customer who would like to add an additional product to their subscription. Click “Customers → Orders” and search by their email. 

  2. Click on the Order number that has not yet recurred.

  1. There is a link on the Order details page called “ADD PRODUCT”

  1. A pop-up window is displayed for you to select the product that will be added to the customer’s subscription

NOTE: The products that are already in the customer’s subscription will not show up as an option in the drop down.EX: if the customer already has Oxyboost as a line item on their subscription, you will not see Oxyboost in the ‘Product To Add’ dropdown.

5.  Select the Product the customer would like to ship with their next order
6.  Select the Quantity of the product
7.  Select the Billing Model
8.  Save the new add on product
9.  You can now view the details of the additional product.


  1. I clicked the OrderID to view the order details, but I do not see the ‘ADD PRODUCT’ link on the page.            

  • This link will only display if at least 1 product in the order is recurring

  • This link will only display if the order was placed using a Billing Mode

2. When I select the “Product To Add” drop down, I do not see the product I want to add.

  • The list of products is determined by the Offer the order was originally placed on. Only products associated with that specific Offer will be listed here.

  • The list of products will only display products that are NOT currently in the order.

3. What happens when i set the ‘Billing Model’ on the new product I am adding on?

  • The newly added product will ship on the next recurring date, and then from that date it will ship on the frequency of the selected Billing Model.

 In this example, the product added will ship on 9/23/18. Going forward it will ship every 30 days from 9/23/18 because i selected the Billing Model ‘30 days’ when I added the product to the subscription.

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