Release Notes 05/09/2024
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  • Promo codes have been added to the exports pulled from the Products > Coupons page. Previously, when exporting coupon profiles from this page the promo codes were not included.


  • When using the Bill 1st gateway, we were sending the country code "360" instead of "036" for Australian customers. This has been adjusted and we are now sending the correct country code.

  • When orders were placed on hold using the API 'Stop Recurring On Next Rebill' option, the hold type was showing as 'unknown' within the API 'order_view' method. This has been fixed.

  • In very few cases, orders in sticky were showing as success, but declined in This has been corrected.

  • The legacy API 'subscription_update' method was showing response code 100 when resetting the upsell subscription, but the upsell isn't actually reset. This has been fixed and should now be working correctly.

  • A 'provider_response_code' parameter has been added to the NewOrder API response for orders placed using Quantum Qoin gateway. This parameter is specific to processor declines.

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