Release Notes 04/18/2024
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  • Within the cancellation email notifications, the {productname} token was not populating for any orders that were cancelled using the API 'subscription_order_update' method. This has been fixed.

  • When creating orders or making changes via API we were showing in the order history 'by'. This has been updated, and the order history will now show the API username that created the order or made the update etc.

  • In very few cases, $0.01 refunds were being sent to Avalara when marking an order as RMA. This has been resolved.

  • The Square integration has been deprecated.

  • In some cases, when refunding orders on Adyen gateway the orders were being refunded correctly, but we were showing an order history note that the order was not able to be refunded, causing confusion. This has been corrected.

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