Release Notes 04/11/2024
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  • We added an 'additional_variant_id' parameter to our API 'subscription_order_update' method, to allow you to add product variants to existing orders.

  • The promo code has been added to the Restful v2 GET Coupon Profile response, previously this response did not include any promo codes.


  • Special characters within the customer email address were showing incorrectly within the UI. This has been fixed.

  • In some cases, when making changes to an existing postback profile and attempting to save, an 'invalid request' error was being shown. This has been corrected, and existing postback profiles can now be edited and saved.

  • Any orders created in a pending state via the 'Capture on Shipment' method were not being sent to Avalara. This has been corrected.

  • $0.00 orders were being sent to Adyen gateway, this has been resolved.

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