Release Notes 03/21/2024
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  • 'consent_required' and 'consent_received' parameters have been added to our API 'order_view' response, to indicate if the order requires consent or if the consent has been applied.

  • The option to add product variants to existing orders has been added! Previously we only allowed you to add products to an existing order, now you can add product variants as well.

  • A 'Post Descriptor' option has been added to the Revolv3 gateway profiles, to allow you to send the descriptor from your sticky profile to Revolv3.

  • Our Stripe integration has been updated to send customer and payment information to Stripe within our requests.

  • The ZAR currency has been added to the PayPal V1 integration.


  • In some cases, clients were seeing 'unknown' listed as the 'hold type' for orders on hold. This has been fixed, and now no orders should show with the hold type as 'unknown'.

  • When blacklisting orders that were placed on the dry run testing gateway, the orders were not automatically being placed on hold. This has been corrected.

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