Release Notes 02/29/2024
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  • A notification window has been added to the Settings > Providers page when disabling a provider profile. The notification states that when disabling a provider profile, you must also remove that profile from your campaigns as well.

  • In some cases when using Adyen gateway, orders in sticky were remaining pending even though we received a successful webhook from Adyen to complete the order. This has been corrected.

  • The restful v2 'Get Campaign' API method was returning the order status of 'cancelled' when the order status was 'hold'. This has been adjusted and this method will now return the correct order status.

  • In very few cases, refunded PayPal orders were not being sent to Avalara. This has been resolved.

  • In some cases, we were miscalculating taxes from Avalara, causing $0.01 refunds. This has been fixed.

  • Some clients were seeing blank PayPal V2 declines with the reason "Declined by Payment Gateway ()". This has been corrected and will now show the correct decline reason as expected.

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