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Release Notes 02/22/2024
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  • Recently we received a request to add the 'vertical Id' column to the Product import file, this was causing issues as the vertical Id was being required. This has been resolved, and the vertical Id is no longer required in the product import.

  • There were issues with the mapping of payment method parameters within our integration with Revolv3, leading to failed transactions due to null values being passed. This has been corrected, and the correct parameters will now be sent to Revolv3.

  • The Restful API call to add custom fields was rejecting ALL requests, this has been corrected and is now working as expected.

  • We have adjusted the way US orders show in sticky, previously it was showing "United States of America (the)", now it will show as "United States of America".

  • In very few cases, if the order had multiple products and placed one of them on hold, we were automatically cancelling the entire order. This has been fixed moving forward.

  • Within the API 'order_view' response, we were showing 'refund_amount=0' at the product level, even if the entire order was refunded. This has been adjusted and will now reflect the correct refund amount.

  • In some cases, we were sending an incorrect refund amount to Avalara. This has been resolved.

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