Release Notes 02/08/2024
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  • A 'Type' search column has been added to the Settings > Providers page, to allow you to easily search for provider profiles by type.


  • The API 'payment_router_view' method was returning a 709 error when including a CSV of payment router Id's in the request. This has been fixed.

  • Orders containing special characters were being rejected by the system when placing orders in the UI. This has been corrected.

  • Orders were being created with dummy shipping/billing information when using PayPal V2. This is now resolved.

  • When using the PayPal V2 profile in 'Test Mode'= YES, the shipping address information was not being sent to PayPal. This is also resolved.

  • The Restful V2 API was not accounting for campaign restrictions within the API user account. This has been adjusted, and the v2 now will account for all campaign restrictions on the API user account.

  • FlexCharge transactions will now be cancelled if the order is blacklisted, previously blacklisted orders were still attempting to send to FlexCharge.

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