Release Notes 10/19/2023
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  • The NMI PaySafe consent email templates have been updated to a cleaner more user friendly look.

  • The 'Combined Similar Address' option has been added to the Shipwire V3 fulfillment integration.

  • A new column for 'VAT' Tax has been added to the Custom FTP fulfillment file.


  • The 'Import Coupon' template was missing information causing the imports to fail. This has been fixed.

  • In some cases when attempting to reprocess orders, the error "Reprocessing failed on 1 order(s) Order Id # has approved order" was showing and not allowing the reprocess. This has been corrected.

  • When attempting to edit return profiles, the error "Expired is required" was showing and not allowing any changes to the return profile. This is now working correctly.

  • In few cases users were not able to remove headers from the Postback profiles. This has been adjusted and headers can now be removed.

  • When partially refunding an order, the cancellation request was being sent to ShipStation cancelling the entire order. This has been resolved.

  • Subscription Credits were throwing redundant order history notes when the subscription is in decline salvage. This has been corrected.

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