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Check out these key features launched on the platform for the fourth quarter of 2023

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Numerous fixes for platform behaviors

Our team has applied multiple fixes to ensure expected behaviors function smoothly

Our team has focused in on ensuring reliable performance of the Platform and in that pursuit, has implemented the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where forecasted revenue fields were not updating when order quantities were updated

  • Fixed an issue where decline salvage CRONs were running for longer than anticipated

  • Fixed an issue where two-factor authentication was only being requested intermittently across login attempts despite being fully enabled

  • Fixed an issue where transactions declined by Kount or other risk management solutions were improperly sent to FlexCharge

  • Fixed an issue where marking an order as RMA for return automatically stopping recurring orders

  • Fixed an issue where the criteria of "category_id" was not working when using order_find or order_view calls

  • Fixed an issue where a "subscription_order_update" call to an active order that impacted quantity was overriding the maximum quantity allowed

  • Fixed an issue where the decline rule profile was ignored and orders were cascaded even though the decline reason was blocked

  • Fixed an issue where postbacks were not firing for cancellations done via the "order refund" method

  • Fixed an issue where fulfillment and inventory were not taking into account the children products within the context of a bundle

  • Fixed an issue where double order confirmation emails were sent when reprocessing an order

  • Fixed an issue where subscription credits were throwing redundant order history notes when the subscription was in salvage

  • Added an order history note when a user selects the "resend email notification" option

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