Release Notes 09/28/2023
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  • On the Customers > Reprocess Declined Orders page you can now view 250 per page, instead of only 100 or 500.

  • Our Restful API "Campaigns" call has been extended to support legacy campaigns.


  • In some cases, the 2FA authentication was not working intermittently. This has been fixed.

  • The criteria of 'category_id' was not working properly for the API 'order_find'/ 'order_view' methods. This has been adjusted.

  • When using the API 'subscription_order_update' method, if updating the quantity we were not accounting for the max quantity allowed per product. This has been resolved.

  • In few cases, the Decline Rule profile was ignored, and orders were cascaded even though the decline reason was blocked for cascade. This has been corrected.

  • When marking an order as RMA for return, the recurring was automatically being stopped in some cases. This is now fixed and working correctly.

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