Release Notes 09/21/2023
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  • A 'Send Test Transaction to Avalara' option has been added to the Avalara v2 profile. If set to YES, we will send test orders to Avalara. If set to NO, we will not send any test orders to Avalara.


  • The cancellation postback was not firing for orders that were cancelled during refund, it was only triggering for the refund. This has been fixed.

  • In some cases when reprocessing orders, 2 order confirmation emails were being sent. This has been corrected.

  • For legacy accounts, the V2 Restful API method 'Get Product' was not returning the parameter "legacy_subscription" when attempting to pull a specific Product Id. This has been adjusted and should now be working properly.

  • When using the API 'subscription_order_update' method to update an existing order to increase the quantity, the Forecasted Revenue field was not updating. This has been updated and the forecasted revenue field is now updating as expected.

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