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Release Notes 06/22/2023
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  • We received a request to add the "merchantTransactionId" field with sticky’s order Id to the transaction API calls that are made to BlueSnap. This will populate the sticky order Id on BlueSnap reports, allowing the merchants to search transactions on BlueSnap using that ID, etc.


  • An issue was reported regarding the Capture on Shipment option not working correctly with recurring orders. This has been fixed.

  • In some cases, some order confirmation emails were not being triggered in our system. This has been resolved, and all emails should be now triggered correctly.

  • On the Contacts page we were displaying the EUR currency incorrectly. This has been adjusted and will now reflect properly for EUR currency.

  • When placing an order from existing order, if the campaign was different than the previous order, the country field was being defaulted to USA. This has been corrected.

  • Some instances were receiving a 500 error when attempting to mark orders as chargeback on the Customers > Orders page. This has been adjusted and there should no longer be any issues when marking orders as chargeback in the UI.

  • When navigating to the Contacts page from the Customers page, all of the contact records were loading to a blank page. This is now working correctly and all contacts should be loading as expected.

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