Release Notes 06/15/2023
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  • The 'Allow IP Address' restriction was not working for any of the API v2 restful methods. This has been fixed and the 'Allow IP Address' restriction now applies to all API methods.

  • The API 'prospect_find' method was not working properly when trying to use the wildcard for states. This has been adjusted.

  • In some cases, all orders were being sent to Avalara regardless of the states selected filter within the Avalara profile. This has been resolved and now only orders with the selected states will be sent to Avalara.

  • An issue was reported regarding a reprocessed order going to an incorrect tax provider. This has been corrected and reprocessed orders are going to the correct tax provider.

  • When using the version 2 for, the country was being sent as 'null' within the requests. This is now resolved.

  • In some instances, declined orders were being incorrectly preserved to gateways due to an internal setting. This is now fixed.

  • The Reprocess Declined Orders page has been optimized to load faster.

  • In some scenarios shipping charges were being applied to non-shippable products, this issue has been fixed.

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