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Release Notes 04/28/2023
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  • PayPal v2 was showing as available to be added to a payment router, causing issues. This was corrected, PayPal v2 is now not able to be added to any payment routing profile, being that it is an alternative payment provider.

  • In some cases, when refunding orders the order status and order history note were not updating on the order. This has been fixed.

  • An issue was reported regarding 3DS 2.0 not working correctly on the PayXpert gateway. This has been revamped and should be working correctly.

  • Some accounts were receiving an 800 error when processing orders for NMI gateway. Our team has made some adjustments to help prevent this from occurring any further.

  • When updating the customer's credit card on the orders page, in some cases the old card was being used for the rebill. This is now resolved and the new updated card is being used moving forward.

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