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Product Highlights Platform Releases — Q2 2023 Platform Releases — Q2 2023

Check out these key features launched on the platform for the second quarter of 2023

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Introducing the Payments iFrame

The fast-track to securely collecting payments through your built checkout

The Payments iFrame offers a secure, PCI DSS-compliant method to accept payments on your website. By incorporating our solution, our servers handle sensitive card data directly, reducing your compliance obligations.

The Payments iFrame will allow customers (end users) to securely enter their payment details and complete transactions on the merchant’s site without being redirected to another page.

For more information, please read our Help Center article on this new feature.

FlexCharge, a new partner integration to boost approval rates

Get paid for declined transactions and boost your approvals by up to 50%

FlexCharge and have formed a new partnership and have launched a new integration that can help merchants turn declined transactions into approved sales.

Declined transactions are passed to FlexCharge for assessment in real time so customers can breeze through the checkout process without friction. FlexCharge is applicable to initial purchases as well as rebills. Merchants can boost their transaction approval rates by as much as 50% through this groundbreaking service.

Contact your Client Success Manager or reach out to our team via email at for more information.

Introducing Representments

A better option for battling chargebacks and protecting your revenue

The Representments service can help merchants fight chargeback cases on a fully automated basis, cutting revenue loss and protecting their MIDs.

Once you have activated the service, it will automatically aggregate transaction and authentication data on you behalf, submitting the data to the issuing bank through the chargeback process. When the service is successful, the chargeback will be overturned, the refund will be reversed (if already applied) and the chargeback fees (if applied) will be returned to you.

Contact your Client Success Manager or reach out to our team via email at for more information.

Enhancements to Verifi CDRN and RDR services

Blacklist customers automatically after the triggering of a chargeback alert

Merchants can now opt to automatically blacklist customers who submit chargebacks and trigger the Verifi CDRN or RDR services. This will help your business cut down on alerts triggered by repeat offenders and help keep your chargeback ratios healthy.

For more information about the Verifi CDRN or RDR services, reference our help center article.

Google Translate Plugin Compatibility

The Orders page menu is now open for translation through the plugin

The Customers > Orders page menu has been updated to support the Google Translate plugin.

API rate limiting

Ensuring platform stability and reliability while protecting our APIs from overload

We are implementing limits to the number of API calls that can be made through a given time period by a single user over the coming months. This change should allow us to ensure greater platform stability and reliability.

Stay tuned for more details as these changes are rolled out through the coming months.

Numerous fixes for platform behaviors

Our team has applied multiple fixes to ensure expected behaviors function smoothly

Our team has focused in on ensuring reliable performance of the Platform and in that pursuit, has implemented the following fixes:

  • When using the Restful v2 API Update Coupon Profile method, the discount percentage was being reset to 0. This has been corrected.

  • In some cases, refunds were failing with Stripe gateway due to an incorrect parameter being sent in the request. This has been fixed.

  • An issue was reported regarding exports taking longer than expected to complete when pulling from the Customers > Orders page. This is now resolved.

  • The 'total forecast' within the Subscription Management page was showing 0.00 for upsell trial orders. This has been corrected and will now show the correct amount.

  • An issue was reported regarding not being able to stop recurring on a product if there are 2 instances of that product within the same order. This has been fixed.

  • In some cases, decline reasons were unable to be deleted due to an association with Cascade Profiles, even when Cascade Profiles were previously deleted. Our team has made some changes to help prevent this issue moving forward.

  • Fixed an issue where reprocessing declined orders caused them to rebill the next day as opposed to rebilling properly at the expected interval.

  • Fixed an issue where false rebill discounts were being added to orders after reprocessing. Discounts will now properly apply through decline salvage or reprocessing attempts.

  • Fixed an issue where custom pricing and discounts were removed when using the Subscription_order_update API. Pricing and discounts will now be properly applied when using this API.

  • Implemented a fix to improve the speed of fraud-based reporting queries.

  • Implemented a fix to improve the query performance for forecasted revenue related reporting.

  • Fixed an issue to ensure that pre-shipment emails properly represent the next subscription product in a sequence.

  • Fixed an issue where orders that have been placed on hold after the upcoming rebill (but not refunded) were not sent to fulfillment. After the application of this fix, orders that have been changed to stop recurring on the next rebill should go to fulfillment for the final order and stop thereafter.

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