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Check out these key features launched on the platform for the first quarter of 2023

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Series & Collection Offers APIs

New publicly available APIs to support a new subscription style

We have made public new APIs to support the sale of collection and series subscription offers.

The new APIs support canceling series or collection-based subscriptions, reactivating a subscription, skipping an order, changing the recurring date, changing the billing frequency, voids, refunds, returns and re-ships.

To access our API documentation, check out our Help Center article.

Fixes for cancelation emails

Ensuring consumers do not receive multiple subscription cancelation emails for a single event

We fixed an issue where multiple cancelation emails were sent to consumers when merchants were using Decline Manager.

Fixes for discount application from the Contacts page

Ensuring discounts are properly applied and visible across relevant pages

We fixed an issue where discounts applied from the contacts page were not reflected in the order details and subscription management views.

Improved matching behavior for cascading

Greater precision for matching orders to cascading logic

We have improved our matching behavior for cascading. This will ensure that orders will not cascade unless they truly meet all of the specified criteria.

3D Secure for Innova

Frictionless customer authentication for merchants using Innova

We added 3D Secure capabilities to one of our integrated payment gateways, Innova.

3D Secure's 2.0 protocol mitigates chargeback risk for merchants without adding undue friction to the buying process for end-consumers.

For more information about each of's 140+ payment gateway integrations, check out our overview Help Center article.

Direct Integration With Verifi's CDRN and RDR Services

A simplified connection with one of the leading chargeback providers

We have added an integration with Verifi's Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) and Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) services.

This direct integration means smoother onboarding and an enhanced merchant experience with the Chargeback Alerts and RDR services offered by

To learn more about how to configure these new services, reference our Help Center article here.

New Gateway Integrations

More gateways, more ways to get paid, more options for customers around the globe

We have added new integrations with payment gateways SolidGate and BoaCompra.

For a list of all currently active payment gateway integrations, reference our Help Center article here.

Fixes for Credit Card Transactions

Ensuring fields are properly passed with transactions

We have resolved an issue with CVV not being passed on certain transactions.

Fixes for Order Confirmation Emails

Ensuring tax amounts are properly represented

We have resolved an issue where incorrect tax amounts were showing in Order Confirmation emails to consumers. This issue was specific to orders going to states where sales tax was collected on shipping & handling. Sales tax was shown only for the product, not inclusive of the shipping & handling charges.

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