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Check out these key features launched on the platform for the month of December.

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Blacklisting V2

Block bad actors with better blacklisting controls

The new and improved Blacklisting V2 allows merchants to proactively blacklist customers at the prospect and order level. Criteria for blacklisting include email address, IP address, phone, physical address, API payload, card number, BIN number and declines within a specified duration.

Previously, merchants using the legacy Blacklisting V1 feature were able to block orders on a retrospective basis but did not have a good solution for proactively blacklisting orders or prospects based on IP address, email or other descriptors.

The Blacklisting V2 feature offers broader coverage with less setup time through range-based and Regex-based blacklisting rules, allowing you to block larger groups of offending customers in fewer minutes. This feature will help protect your cash reserves and MIDs from unnecessary declines, fraudulent purchases and bot attacks.

For more information on how to use this feature, reference our Help Center article here.

Avalara Versioning Upgrade

Added compatibility with Avalara V2 for better, more precise tax calculation

We have added support for Avalara Version 2. This allows for access to new features like tax calculation, line item refunds and more.

Notably, taxable and non-taxable products will have sales tax properly applied to them with sales tax syncing at the product and order level from Avalara.

Added Subscription Management Options for Merchants and Customer Service Teams

Skip and stop subscriptions within the Order Management view

Cancel and resume added to the Order Details page

Business teams have added control in the form of subscription order skips and stop within the Order Management view of the platform. We also added cancel and resume options to the Order Details page.

This added control will give your teams more options for managing subscriptions on behalf of your consumers.

Fixes for Custom Recurring Subscriptions

Ensuring accurate representation of products received in sequenced orders

We fixed an issue with custom recurring subscriptions where products from the next order within a sequence were mingling with the current order. Moving forward, the "Next Order" view should accurately represent the next products to be received by a consumer in a defined sequence.

When updating the next recurring product in a series from the Orders page, variants were not visible. We've also applied a fix to ensure variants are visible from this view.

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